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Excuse us.  We’re sleep deprived.  We don’t know why we started making Little and Fierce garments. We don’t really know who we are making these outfits for.  Maybe for the nurses in the premature ward who need a practical option for all those cords. Or for the babies themselves who need something especially soft, gentle and with no scratchy tags on their fragile skin.  Possibly we did it for the mums and dads who want to fill their camera roll with their baby wearing an outfit that is cool, fashionable and ridiculously cute.  It could have even been for the aunts, uncles and friends who wanted to give something beautiful, special, useful and normal to a premature baby they love.

We know that our son Boston, born at 28 weeks was our inspiration, but we can’t put our finger on what exactly our motivation was.  It could have been a practical decision.  He was miles off fitting a 0000 and the prem outfits we found just didn’t work with the monitoring cords and breathing apparatus.  Or perhaps it was something more emotional. Boston was four weeks old before we took the seemingly small step to put him in his own clothes and shuffled closer to being able to take him home.  In a prem ward, the little steps are the big steps. We looked for the perfect celebratory outfit to celebrate our fierce little guy. One that said “look how adorable I am” while having easy access to his tiny feet to put on his monitoring probe. You know what?  It didn’t exist when we were in NICU, but we wanted it to exist for others. 

Having a premature baby can leave parents in a fog of confusion. When the time comes to dress a Little and Fierce, it should be simple. 

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