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Specifically designed to overcome the challenges unique to dressing a babe in a prem ward.


Our all-in-ones are available in two options.  The first has been designed for our smaller premature babes and features a strategically placed cord exit to keep monitoring cords tidy and out of the way.

The second is without a medical cord exit and is perfect for our smaller newborns or for our babies born early that don’t require long term NICU care.

Both options include the following features: 

Cozy fold over mittens keep curious hands nice and snug while also keeping them from meddling with all the important medical things.

Fold-over-feet booties mean no undressing when it’s time to switch babe’s 24/7 monitoring foot probe to the opposite foot.

No over-the-head dressing with our easy kimono style and snap dome close.

Easily removable care label so no scratching on fragile skin.

Made with the softest 100% organic cotton, gentle on delicate skin.


Available in two colour ways – Raspberry Picnic and Bear Hunt.

Sizing details
Small prem – approx. 1.3kg to 2kg (000000)
Prem – approx. 2kg to 3kg (00000)

Product details
GOTS certified
Designed in New Zealand
Made ethically in our small factory in India 

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