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Our clothes aren't just mini versions of baby clothes. They have been specifically designed to overcome the challenges unique to dressing a babe in a prem ward.


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I just fell in love with your preemie onesie design! I've seen preemie designs and they're not as smart as the ones you've got.  I'm telling you, Laura.  That was the smartest thing I've ever seen!

Ismery - former NICU mamma and founder of Manu & Bella Baby Boutique

How handy is the hole at the side for the cords - the nurses in Dunedin NICU are well impressed!! This is the size small prem (one of the only things he's not actually swimming in!)

Jakki M - former NICU mamma


Our Inspiration

Boston - the inspiration behind Little and Fierce. This little guy was born at 28 weeks and is now a thriving three year old! 

While our journey has been filled with magical moments it’s definitely had it’s fair share of challenging ones. We spent 83 days in NICU, were discharged with home oxygen and had 3 hospital stays in our first winter. ⁣

Many tears have been shed and anxiety levels were extreme, however I’ve come to really embrace our unique journey.  I am so proud of our strong, resilient and courageous little boy and now I can't imagine his arrival into this world any other way.

While he was little, he was also fierce, and we will forever be thankful he fought so hard to be here with us xox


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